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14 ways to get rid of termites naturally

Termites can ravage your house if left untreated. It does not take them long to chew through structural beams and trigger substantial damage. Getting a routine termite examination near Mesa to capture the issue while it is still workable. You’ll conserve your home a great deal of wear and save yourself a great deal of cash.

Expect you spy the starts of a termite problem in a stack of wood in your crawl space or some firewood beside your home, for instance. You can utilize some natural treatments to remove them and prevent a more considerable problem. Here are a couple of natural solutions you can pursue termite control:


Nematodes are parasitic worms that like to munch on termites. You can purchase these small worms online or in specialized shops. You can then launch them into the location where you understand (or suspect) that termites have actually settled in, and they will go to work for their lunch. The nematodes will recreate and continue to look for termites till they are all gone. They are really effective at eliminating termites if you present enough of them to the nest.


Vinegar is a marvel product for your house. You cannot just utilize it to clean up whatever from your cooking area counter to shower. However, you can likewise use it to eliminate termites. Simply blend half a cup of it with the juice from 2 lemons, and you have actually got your termite killer. Please put it in a spray bottle and spray the mix around the location where you think the termites. The acidic compound will eliminate the termites on contact. Ensure you routinely spray to capture any termites you didn’t get with the last treatment.


Salt borate offered typically as the borax powder can eliminate termites– in addition to wash your laundry. You can spray the powder around the afflicted location, or you can blend it with water and spray it into a space that you think to be plagued. Like the vinegar, you will require to reapply the service to ensure that you are reaching more of the nest.

4.Orange Oil

Orange oil is produced primarily of d-limonene, which is fatal to termites. The oil originated from orange peels, and you can buy it from house enhancement or garden shops and online. Orange oil triggers the exoskeletons of termites to liquefy, which triggers them to lose wetness and proteins and pass away. Spray the oil straight onto termites or on locations where you think termites to be. You can likewise spray the oil to prevent termites from entering the area. For that reason, spraying it routinely is an excellent way to keep your home free of termites, whether you presently have any or not.

5.Wet Cardboard

Termites enjoy 2 things: Water and cellulose. Sprinkle down a cardboard piece with water, and you will be setting out an all-you-can-eat buffet for termites. Why would you wish to do this? Well, if you believe that termites are currently in your home, putting down this cardboard bait will attract them out and onto a particular area. When you see that termites have actually settled in for the buffet, you can take the piece of cardboard away and burn it, eliminating all the termites with it. Repeat the procedure as frequently as needed to extract termites.


Termites dislike sunshine. They can actually pass away if they are exposed to excessive sunlight and heat. If you have a furniture piece you presume to be plagued with termites, you can drag it out into the lawn to bake in the Arizona sun for a bit. It should not take too wish for all those undesirable insects to be devoid of your furnishings in the summertime. If you have termites in your house’s structure, you can’t precisely drag your beams out into the lawn. However, you can establish UV lights to shine on the location and get the exact same outcomes.

7.Boundary Barrier

Preferably, your house would have been secured with a border barrier while it was being constructed. However, you can still set up one if it was not, although it might be a bit labor-intensive. You will require to dig a little trench around your house to put the barrier in the ground. When the right products are set up, the fence can keep below ground termites from tunneling their method right to your Arizona house.

8.Boric Acid

Boric Acid works on termites. According to specialists, to utilize boric acid as a toxin versus termites, mix Salt Borate with water and spray it on plagued locations. Not just will it assist you in getting rid of roaches and mice, however, you will eliminate termites in your space too. You can also utilize this as a yard treatment. 


Expose the termites to cold and hot temperature levels. Among the reasons that they are called winter season insects is their failure to fend off the cold. Although they reside in nests, it is inadequate to make it through the cold, particularly throughout the winter season. This is why they infest homes when the winter concerns await the cold out while trying to find food to consume. Among the best methods to eliminate termites is to expose them to freezing temperature levels, such as turning the a/c low. They can not likewise endure a hot temperature level. So, you can either choose to keep the A/C at an extremely low or heat.


This may come as a shock, however salt can be really reliable in handling termites. Mix salt with water inside a spray bottle and use it on contaminated locations around your house. This might likewise be done utilizing white vinegar and baking soda powder.

11.Petroleum jelly

 Utilize petroleum jelly as a means to eradicate and fend off termites in your home. Rub it along the plagued locations to develop a boundary and leave it for one day or 2 days. Later, polish your wood components with a soft fabric.

12.Garlic, Canola, and Clove oil

Their oils are really unsafe to termites. Simply blend it with water and spray it on the plagued locations inside or outside your house. You might also utilize this as a yard treatment to fend off other bugs aside from termites.

13.Beauveria Bassiana fungi:-

This is among the most deadly soil-borne fungus that feeds upon bugs’ nutrients, consisting of termites. Although the procedure advances gradually, it works to totally annihilate an entire nest of termites provided a 7-day timeframe. However, keep in mind that these fungi are sensitive to sunshine. You may wish to utilize this at night.

14.Diatomaceous Earth (DE):

It assists in sweltering and desiccating bugs such as cockroaches and termites. The very best part is, DE can be utilized freely in your home since it is safe for human and animal contact. According to professionals, this is a great way to eliminate termites from wood walls, furnishings, and components.

Take Preventive Measures

The very best method to deal with an issue is to ensure the problem never takes place. Instead of searching for ways to eliminate termites, try to find methods to keep them from entering your home in the top spot. Routine termite examinations can assist you in keeping tabs on the circumstance. However, you should make sure to preserve wood, cardboard, and other cellulose far from your house, such as additional lumber in the crawl space, firewood accumulated in the garage, or perhaps neglected mulch in the bed by your door. You need to keep wetness out of your house by guaranteeing that you have correct ventilation, in addition to proper drain in the landscape around your home.

Utilize several of these natural methods to keep termites out of your house and secure your financial investment.

While these treatments are best for little and separated problems of termites, such as a brand-new invasion in a furniture piece or a stack of firewood that you do not wish to spread out. You are not likely to have success utilizing these treatments for termites in your house. The factor is that termites can rapidly dig deep into areas you can’t see or reach. The very most useful thing to do is to call the specialists for termite control.