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Termite Life Cycles: The 3 Critical Stages You Need To Know

worker termites

Termites provide a risk to every house, compromising every piece of wood they dig and forage into, so it’s no surprise that understanding the termite life cycle is critical to understanding the level of damage that you could be facing at any one time. It is approximated that termites trigger over 5 billion dollars worth … Read more

Termites In Carpet: How To Avoid Major Damage To Your Home

close up image of Termites in Carpet

Termites can be a major headache for homeowners, especially termites in carpet edging – a sign that the problem has gone too far! These tiny pests can cause major damage to your home without you even realizing it, but with a little knowledge and some preventative measures, you can avoid any major damage. Let’s explore … Read more

Subterranean Termites – How to Detect Them Before They Pest

Termite Eggs being collected

The subterranean termite is a common pest that destroys houses and other buildings in the United States. These termites are subterranean, which means they feed underground. They tend to swarm when moisture levels in an area is high. This can happen when the soil is in a state of drought or when there has been … Read more

Do termites bite humans?

Soldiers termites

Termites are all-time dangerous for humans because the termites once enter your house, do not leave the house with ease. It is a tricky pest to remove. In the US, termites cause damage of 2.5 billion dollars yearly. If you face a similar situation, you should be worried about the termites because the termites eat … Read more

11 sure signs your property have been invaded by termites

indications you might have termites

Be proactive about evading termite damage by looking for termite. Check-in your house regularly for any sign of termites. Regrettably, even if you do not see termites indications, that does not indicate they’re not there. Termite damage can go undetected for a while. By the time damage is discovered, substantial structural damage might currently be … Read more

FAQs About Termites Everything You Need To Know

Anatomy of an adult termite

Nests of termites can rapidly spread out from the residential or commercial property, leading to pricey damage that can quickly go undiscovered. Below are Frequently Asked Questions About Termites Are termites blind? Out of the 3 casts in a termite nest, only one has totally established eyes: the king and queen termites. The worker and … Read more

What are termites and how do they look

termites nest

Termites are the most devastating insect bugs on the planet. Lots of structures and structures are harmed by these insects each year, leading to substantial monetary losses. Termites are referred to as “quiet destroyers” because of their capability to chew through wood, floor covering, and even wallpaper unnoticed.