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Do termites bite humans?

Termites are all-time dangerous for humans because the termites once enter your house, do not leave the house with ease. It is a tricky pest to remove. In the US, termites cause damage of 2.5 billion dollars yearly.

If you face a similar situation, you should be worried about the termites because the termites eat the furniture, and the termites can bite humans. Termites are distributed in various groups such as soldier termites, king and queen termites, worker termites, and alates.

The soldier termites guard the colony. They can bite the humans to protect their territory. 

Soldier termites:

The primary function of the soldier termite is to protect the colony. For this reason, the soldier termites have sharp bulgy jaws and solid round heads. 

For the identification of the soldier termites, these are brown and red and are larger.

Soldier termites often secrete the chemicals on their enemies. These chemicals are toxic that can kill their enemies. 

Termite’s bite:

The termites bite the humans, but it is scarce because the termites reside deep inside their colonies. Termites’ bites are usually painful for humans, but you do not need to worry about their bite because the termites’ bites are not lethal.

Soldier termites usually have small jaws but sharp one. They can cause severe pain to you or your pet. Soldier termites only bite in case of threat to their nest or colony.

If you keep yourself away from the nest of termites, then they will never bite you.

What do the termites bite you?

Termite bites are usually not painful, and the bite of termites feels like a tiny pinch of it is just like a mosquito bite. It does not cause any irritation or swelling.

Some people believe the termite’s bite feels like a sudden pain of an injection, and after few minutes, the pain also vanishes.

Some people may get blisters after the bite of termites, but they may confuse the ant’s bite with the termites’ bite because the flying ants resemble the termites.

If you confirm that the bite is due to the termites and the termite biting is itching you, you should use any anti-itching cream to avoid irritation.

But if you do not get beneficial results, then you should consult your doctor.

Termite vs. flying ants:

You can confuse a few termites with flying ants, so here is the brief difference between the termites and the flying ants.


  • Termites have the straight antenna
  • Termites do not have any constriction on their bodies
  • Termites have the equal length of their wings.

Flying ants:

  • Ants have an unequal length of their wings
  • They have bent antenna
  • Their bodies are pinched due to constriction
  • These are the prevalent differences between the flying termites and the ants to differentiate between them.

Termites bite vs. bed bug termites:

Bed bugs:

Bed bugs are parasites that feed on human blood. Bed bugs bite humans, but they do not transfer any infection to humans.

Bed bugs bite people during the nighttime when they are asleep. Your face and back are the most favorite areas for the bed bugs to bite.

Bed bugs leave the following symptoms:

  • A big bump is evident in the center. The center can be dark.
  • The bed bugs bite causes the area to swollen.
  • Bed bugs bite often cause blisters on the skin.
  • The rare symptom of a bed bug bite is a mild fever. 
  • The patient may suffer difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, and swollen tongue, but these are rare symptoms of bed bugs.

Flying termites:

As we have discussed the bite of termites, their bites are not poisonous and do not cause any serious effects. The symptoms of termites bite are as follow:

  • The patient may feel mild itching or irritation
  • The victim feels the sudden severe pain of termites bite, and later it goes.
  • Small red spots may appear on the body of the victim
  • Termites bite can cause the swelling of that specific part, but this is a rare symptom.

Tips to avoid termites:  

If your home is the victim of a termite attack, you should take immediate action to control the termite infestation.

If you are continuously hearing the banging sounds along the walls and finding the wings near the doors and the windows, then the termite infestation has started or is going to start. Flying termites are the clear symptom of termite infestation in your home.

If you suspect any termite infestation in your home, then you can use the DIY hacks to get rid of termite infestation.

You can use vinegar to kill the termites.

Orange oil and neem oil also work great against termite infestation.

If the piece of furniture is infested with termites, you can get rid of termites by exposing the furniture to sunlight. Because the termites cannot live without dehydration, and the sunlight causes the dehydration of the wood.

You can use borax to treat the termites in your home.

You can add pepper and salts to the areas of termite infestation. These will damage their nervous system and cause them to die.


If you are the victim of the termites, you do not need to worry about the termite bite because the termites rarely bite humans and their pets. The termite’s bite seems like the red blisters on the skin’s surface, and it causes itching on the skin.

The termite’s bite feels just like the pain of an injection syringe, and it does sudden severe pain. But some people confuse the termites’ bites with the flying ant bites, but the symptoms of the flying ant bite are more severe than the termite’s bite.

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