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10 Ways To Kill Termites Naturally That Really Work [2023]

If your furniture or the foundation of your home has become the victim of termite infestation, then you should take action to remove them as early as possible. While calling a pest control specialist may be the best course of action, you may want to try a few natural remedies first to see if you can get rid of these pests. Here are 10 of the best remedies to kill termites naturally:

1. Try a Mixture of Vinegar and Lemon Juice

Vinegar doesn’t just help to clean showers or sinks, but also assists in treating termites. For termite treatment, mix a cup of vinegar with the two large-size lemon juices. Once done, thoroughly spray the portion of the infested wood; after that, leave the wood overnight.

Try spraying the area for two to three days on a regular basis. If you see the termites again, then spray the vinegar mix immediately.

2. Release Nematodes (Worms) In Your Home Foundation

release nematodes to kill termites naturally

Nematodes, otherwise known as roundworms, love to eat termites and can kill an entire colony of termites, including the queen termite. Try mixing the nematodes in a gallon of water. Then let the mixture stay for two hours.

After two hours, pour the mixture on the foundation of your house and on the woods that are infested with termites. The best nematode species for killing pests is S. carpocapsae. Nematodes are the fastest and long-lasting pesticide to kill termites as they multiply with time and do not let the termites grow.

3. Sprinkle Borax Powder

Borax powder is an effective treatment against termites as it can kill the termite colony. The borax acts as a poison in the stomach of the termites and kills them in three to four days. You can apply the borax solution by mixing a half cup of the borax with a gallon of hot water.

You can also directly sprinkle the borax powder on the termite colony. But you have to repeat the procedure for two days or three regularly to destroy the termites completely.


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4. Use Orange Oil

Orange oil causes the exoskeleton of the termites to get dissolved. The damage to the exoskeleton of the termites causes them to die. You can directly apply the orange oil to the area infested with termites.

You can also use orange oil to deter termites from entering your home. Use it regularly to keep your home completely free from termites.

5. Expose Infected Area To Sunlight

sunlight kills termites

Sunlight is the most effective and beneficial way for killing termites naturally. Termites are sensitive to heat and sunlight. These tiny creatures die quickly from exposure to sunlight.

If you suspect your wooden furniture is infested with termites, then place it outside in the sunlight. Leave the furniture in for three days in sunlight.

Termites cannot withstand dryness and they need moisture for survival. Exposing furniture to the sunlight will cause the moisture to evaporate, and it also prevents further infestation.

6. Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a great boost to your next meal, but it also acts to weaken a termite colony. When you applied to the termites, it damages their nervous system and causes them to die. You can directly sprinkle the powder on the termites or make a paste with vegetable oil and apply this paste on the wood infested with termites.

Cayenne pepper can be one of the more effective methods for destroying the colony completely. For best results, keep applying the paste for two to three days.

7. Apply Neem Oil In Infected Areas

Experts have observed that neem oil prevents termites from reproducing. This oil does something to the nervous system of the termites that cause them to forget to eat and reproduce. In this way, it damages the termite colony and prevents further infestation.

Termites aren’t too keen on the smell of neem oil either, so spraying the oil in your house can also prevent them from coming your way. Apply neem oil by mixing it with the liquid soap. Mix 5 ml of soap with 2 ml of liquid soap. Then spray this mixture on the infected area.

8. Sprinkle Salt Around Entry Points

bowl of salt to kill termites naturally

Salt may seem harmless to you, but they cause severe damage to termites. As termites cannot live with moisture, salts cause the moisture to evaporate. The absence of moisture causes the termites to die. You can apply salts by mixing them with water.

Start by adding as much salt to the water as you can. Once the mixture is ready, put the mixture in the mud tubes of termites with the assistance of a syringe. The process is simple but quite effective in killing termites naturally.

The direct application on the termite colony will produce effective results. Remember to use a concentrated solution of salt because it produces better and long-lasting results.

9. Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an effective ingredient against termites because it causes them to suffocate by applying a thick layer on the infected area. You can spread the aloe vera by mixing it with water and then spraying it directly on the infected area. Note: This solution works efficiently on small colonies of termites. If you have a large area infested with termites, choose vinegar or nematodes.

10. Dust Diatomaceous Earth Around Your Home

Diatomaceous earth is a natural, nontoxic powder that is composed of the fossilized remains of small aquatic organisms called diatoms. It works as an insecticide by scratching the exoskeleton of insects like termites, causing them to dry up and die.

You can dust diatomaceous earth around your home in areas prone to termite infestation, such as window and door frames, plumbing lines, and other places where moisture may collect. You can also sprinkle it into cracks and crevices around furniture that may be infested with termites.

Final Thoughts on Killing Termites Naturally

These homemade termite-killing methods are easy and effective for killing termites naturally. Not only do they get rid of the existing infestation, but they also help prevent issues that you may find with chemicals and insecticides as these ingredients are all-natural.

If you’re unable to get the results you’re looking for and you need a more permanent solution, plenty of other treatments are available, such as chemical treatments, heat treatments, and fumigation.

Whatever you choose, make sure to research the best option for your home and family. Remember that killing termites requires patience and consistency—don’t give up if the results don’t come immediately.

With a bit of effort, you can eradicate termite infestations from your home and keep them away for good!  Good luck!