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9 ways to get rid of termites naturally

Termites are parasites that once enter your home, do not leave easily. If your valuable furniture or the foundation of your home has become the victim of termite infestation, then you should take strict action against termites as early as possible.

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Here are few homemade remedies that can assist you in that regard. In this article, I will disclose the secrets to prevent termite infestation in your home with simple products.


Vinegar is the best pesticide to kill termites. It not only assists you to clean your showers or sinks but also assists you to treat termites.

For termite treatment, mix a cup of vinegar with the two large size lemon juices. Your effective remedy for killing termites is ready. The next step is quite simple in which you have to spray thoroughly the portion of the wood that is infested; after that left the wood overnight.

You have to spray that portion for two to three days regularly. If you ever see the termite again, then spray the vinegar pesticide immediately.



Nematodes are the eaters of termites and kill the entire colony of termites, including the queen termite. You can make this pesticide by mixing the nematodes in a gallon of water. Then let the mixture stay for two hours.

After two hours, spray the mixture in the foundation of your house and on the woods that are infested with termites. The best nematode species for killing pests is S. carpocapsae. Nematodes are the fastest and long-lasting pesticide to kill the termites because the nematodes multiply with time and do not let the termites grow.

Borax powder:

Borax powder is an effective treatment against termites as it can kill the termite colony. The borax acts as a poison in the stomach of the termites and kills them in three to four days. You can apply the borax solution by mixing a half cup of the borax with a gallon of hot water.

You can also directly sprinkle the borax powder on the termite colony. But you have to repeat the procedure for two days or three regularly for destroying the termites completely.

Orange oil:

Orange oil causes the exoskeleton of the termites to get dissolved. The damage to the exoskeleton of the termites causes them to die. You can directly apply the orange oil to the area infested with termites.

You can also use orange oil to deter termites to enter your home. Use it regularly to keep your home completely free from termites.


Termites are sensitive to heat and sunlight. These tiny creatures die quickly on exposure to sunlight. If you suspect your wooden furniture infested with termites, then place it outside in the sunlight. Leave the furniture for three days in sunlight.

Termites cannot withstand dryness. They need moisture for survival. Exposing furniture to the sunlight will cause the moisture to evaporate, and it also prevents further infestation.

Cayenne pepper:

Cayenne pepper is the boost to your food, but it acts worst on the termite colony. When you apply this pepper on the termites, it damages their nervous system and causes them to kill. You can directly sprinkle the powder on the termites or make a paste with the vegetable oil and apply this paste on the wood infested with termite.

Cayenne pepper is an effective method for destroying the colony completely. For best results, keep applying the paste for two to three days.

Neem oil:

Neem oil is prevalent in the subcontinent. Experts observe that neem oil prevents termites to reproduce. This oil does something to the nervous system of the termites that cause them to forget to eat and reproduce.

In this way, it damages the termite colony perfectly and prevents further infestation. Termites also do not like the smell of neem oil, so if you keep spraying the oil in your house, termites will never come to your house.

Apply neem oil by mixing it with the liquid soap. Mix 5ml of soap with 2ml of liquid soap. Then spray this mixture on the infected area.


Salts may seem harmless to you, but they cause severe damage to termites. As termites cannot live with the moisture, salts cause the moisture to evaporate. The absence of moisture causes the termites to die.


You can apply salts by mixing them with the water. Add as much salt to the water as you can. Once the mixture is ready, put the mixture in the mud tubes of termites with the assistance of a syringe. The direct application on the termite colony will produce effective results.

Pick the concentrated solution of salt because it produces better and long-lasting results.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is an effective ingredient against termites because it causes them to suffocate by applying a thick layer on the infected area. The termites will die when they get suffocated. You can spread the aloe vera by mixing it with the water and then spray it directly on the infected area.

This is the solution for a small termite colony. It does not work efficiently on larger colonies of termites. If you have a large area that is infested with termites, then choose vinegar or nematodes.


Researchers have concluded the productive results of several home remedies on termites. Numbers of remedies are available that work great against termites. You can add vinegar as the termites are repellant to it.

Borax powder is also an effective solution against termites because it damages their digestive system and causes them to die. You can apply the neem oil to make the termites forget to eat and reproduce.

Termites are also repellant to sunlight because sunlight evaporates the moisture, and termites cannot live without dampness.

Nematodes are the permanent solution against termites because they eat the termites and multiply. As the nematodes multiply, they will not let the termites grow.

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