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Termite Tenting – Why Should You Opt to Do It?

What is Termite Tenting? A termite tenting is an effective pest control technique that involves pumping poison through a small hole, into a house that’s covered with a Termite Tent. The hole is called a ‘break-through hole because once the tent is punctured, the chemical gets into the house and travels deep inside. The tent helps it penetrate deeply into the structure, and this means the poison reaches out to the entire contents of the house.

What is Termite Tenting

Terminextra is the trade name for the chemical commonly known as “nitrate”. This compound, when exposed to light in the presence of termites, forms a colorless and translucent gas that spreads rapidly throughout the structure. The whole process may seem “messy” to some homeowners, but the truth is it’s a very safe and effective way to deal with these persistent pests. Here’s why:

– It’s cost-effective. The process of tenting only costs about $200, compared to several thousand dollars for fumigation, which is often a multiple-stage process including the use of fumigation chemicals, insecticides, and baiting. Fumigation kills all crawling pests, however. Terminextra tent treatment just targets the adults.

– It’s easy. You can easily set up a Terminextra treatment site quickly and easily, without calling a professional pest control company. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the package and you’re on your way in no time.

– It’s natural. Because termites are a type of insect, they must find a way to get to the surface to eat. Tenting kills them right on the surface, killing them instantly. The bait stations let termites crawl through and ingest the anti-termite bait, then die within days.

– It’s easy to detect. It only takes a few hours for the termite tenting kill to be effective. It will be obvious when termites have been killed by a treatment. The dead pests will be lying on the ground or in small piles as if they’ve simply been devoured. They will be difficult to pick out, but you’ll be able to see them with the naked eye.

– It’s environmentally friendly. Unlike other types of termite tenting, this method does not disturb the environment in any way. There is no noise pollution, dust or fumes that will be associated with bait station removal. You won’t have to haul a truck or excavate the area because there are no trenches or holes used. No mud can be recycled either, making this a green option for pest control specialists.

A professional will come into your home and determine exactly where the termites are, what type they are, and how many are present. Then a team of experts will devise the most effective way to eradicate the pests. This may include attaching stakes to the structure of your house and the surrounding grounds to prevent termites from coming back. If you choose to go with tenting, your pest control specialist will be able to direct you toward all the benefits of this effective alternative to traditional insecticide treatments.

– It saves time. Because termites can only survive for several months without eating, killing them off is best left to the professionals. Since there are no trenches to dig, no trucks to rent, and no health risks associated with the use of pesticides, tenting your home with a professional pest control company will save you time and money in the long run. Aside from being cost-effective, it’s convenient. The tenting company will arrive at your home or business in minutes, giving you immediate relief from termites without you having to do anything.

– It’s less harmful than fumigation. Most people are afraid of the chemicals commonly used in fumigation, but they pose no danger to humans when utilized as an alternative to tenting. Pest control companies know which products to use for termite treatment and will use them sparingly. This is one of the most frequently asked questions about termiticide treatment.

– It can get rid of the problem almost completely. Although termite treatment will keep an existing outbreak under control, it cannot eliminate the termites altogether. A termite tenting is effective against both widespread and specific termite infestations. With just one treatment, you can be rid of the pesky pests for good, preventing them from coming back and causing more trouble. This is why it is one of the most recommended DIY home remedies when it comes to termite treatment.

– Bait does not affect pets or people. Aside from killing termites, baits used for termite control are safe for human consumption. You don’t have to fear ingesting pesticide residue, as the majority of these products do not have any toxic ingredients. When utilized as a remedy for termites, they act as a preventive measure by ensuring that the insects become extinct.