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What Attracts Termites In The House?

If you’ve ever wondered why your house was being invaded by termites, this article will reveal why termites are attracted to your house!- and learn how to identify them!

Do termites bite humans?

Termites are all-time dangerous for humans because the termites once enter your house, do not leave the house with ease. It is a tricky pest to remove. In the US, termites cause damage of 2.5 billion dollars yearly. If you face a similar situation, you … Read more

7 signs of termite infestation in your home

Termites are the significant enemy of your wooden furniture. Most of you are worried about the termite infestation in your homes because the termites once start eating the wood, leave nothing behind. They can turn your valuable furniture into mud because termites have a large … Read more

FAQs About Termites Everything You Need To Know

Nests of termites can rapidly spread out from the residential or commercial property, leading to pricey damage that can quickly go undiscovered. Below are Frequently Asked Questions About Termites Are termites blind? Out of the 3 casts in a termite nest, only one has totally … Read more

What are termites and how do they look

Termites are the most devastating insect bugs on the planet. Lots of structures and structures are harmed by these insects each year, leading to substantial monetary losses. Termites are referred to as “quiet destroyers” because of their capability to chew through wood, floor covering, and even wallpaper unnoticed.