Rohos Mike

Rohos Mike

Detecting Southeastern Drywood Termites

There are currently three species of termite in the state: eastern woodworms, Formosan woodworms, and the southern drywood termite. All of these termite species attack houses and other buildings and their distribution range across the state. Each species has different characteristics, however, so knowing them and how they look like...

The Western Drywood Termites

Western Drywood Termites resemble subterranean termites, but they do not grow as large as the latter. Although both termites are destructive, they also live very different lives. The Western Drywood termites have a very slow life cycle. They tend to tunnel through the wood in their pre-millennial stage. Although they…

What are Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termite looks similar to the drywood termite but is actually a different type of pest. Dampwood termite is actually an ant, so you cannot mistake it for a subterranean type of pest. Dampwood termites don't usually have direct contact with the ground. Instead, they make their nests in wood,...

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